This page provides information and guidelines to the Wake Forest community regarding the use of Wake Forest’s athletic logos which may be used for athletic-related communications and marketing materials, team uniforms and consumer apparel. The intention is to protect the integrity of the institution’s athletic logos and to ensure such logos are used in an appropriate manner.

The bold block WF, the bold block WF with Deacon head, the Demon Deacon, and the Wake Forest logotype are official athletic logos. All athletic logos must always maintain approved colors, proportions and design integrity. No alterations may be made, nor shall design elements be placed inside any of the athletic logos.

If modifications are required due to manufacturing limitations, they must be submitted and approved by Wake Forest Department of Athletics Strategic Communications prior to production.


Logos are available for download in three different file formats. To download, select the desired logo from the black bar above.

  • EPS File – For print use (vector art)
  • Hi Res JPG File – For desktop print use (300 dpi)
  • Lo Res JPG File – For web use (72 dpi)

Print & Embroidery Colors

The primary colors for Wake Forest University are Wake Forest Gold and black. Logos incorporating the Deacon head also include a flesh tone. Always reproduce colors using the formulas specified in this guide. Do not use the standard software translation values when converting PMS colors to CMYK or RGB. Always reproduce the colors at 100%; do not screen.

*Note: All thread listed below is Madeira Polyneon.

Wake Forest Gold

Pantone 7502 C
C 6%, M 14%, Y 39%, K 8%
RGB: 206, 184, 136
Gold Thread 1305

Wake Forest Black

Pantone Process Black C
C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, K 100%
RGB: 44, 42, 41
HEX: 2C2A29
Standard Black Thread

Dark Steel Grey

Pantone 424C
C 50%, M 30%, Y 40%, K 90%
RGB: 55, 58, 54
HEX: 373A36
Grey Thread 1241

Mascot Flesh Color

Pantone 155
C 0%, M 12%, Y 28%, K 0%
RGB: 255, 224, 184
Flesh 1853 Thread

WF Logo with Team Names

Sport-specific logos may be used to represent specific Wake Forest athletic programs or units (e.g., Deacon Club). Sport-specific logos should adhere to the following guidelines:


Other Logos

Wake Forest University
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Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
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